Business Storage

Business Storage

Since the mid 90s, the Internet has changed so much about how we live and work, and it’s kept us connected in ways that would have been tough to predict back then.

For one thing, the Internet has made it easier to run a personal retail business, and to sell to people all over the world. You may sell your own craft goods or items you’ve bought at wholesale. If your business has been growing, you may find that at home or in your office, your inventory is starting to take up personal space, and you’d like to have somewhere else to keep all those items.

Storage unit at Mallory Storage Station can give you that extra space at a low price. Rents for less than residential or commercial space. Climate control is best. This will keep your inventory in great shape. Between 66 and 78 degrees, humidity in safe levels.

Maybe you run a physical retail store and need more storage room, or you work as a pharmaceutical representative and need somewhere to keep your samples. Yes, we suggest the same solution: rent a climate-controlled self storage unit with us.

There are other advantages to keeping your inventory in a storage unit. Does your business get deliveries? We can accept them for you and put them inside your locker. Could you use some shelving to make managing your goods easier? We can install it for you. Feel free to ask us about other ways we can help.

Which unit size is right for you!

Watch out size guide videos to choose the right unit