Boat and RV

Boat and RV Storage

It’s a wonderful feeling, being able to go for a trip in your RV to see the country. It’s also nice to take your boat out for the day on a local lake. Yet how do you feel about parking your boat or RV outside your home?

One problem with this is that most neighborhoods don’t allow you to park large vehicles on the street, and they can also take up a lot of space in your driveway. Also, you may not feel safe with your covered, but otherwise open boat, out there where anyone can check it out, and you don’t want to risk someone breaking into your RV.

At Mallory Storage Station, we’re happy to offer a safe solution. Store your vehicle with us to keep it safe. Our prices are affordable, and we have two options: outdoor and covered storage.

Outdoor storage means you get a large parking space for your vehicle. Since it isn’t covered, it will be subject to weather conditions, but this is our cheapest option. With covered storage, you’ll get a roof over your vehicle. It will still be exposed somewhat to the elements but will have that extra level of protection. In either case, we simply suggest that you wax your vehicle and get a cover for it if one is available.

With our 24 hour, recorded camera system and locked gate, you’ll know that your boat or RV is as safe as possible and that it will be waiting for you, whenever you’re ready to go on an adventure.

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